World’s oceans set new surface temperature record

AFP, Paris : 5 AUGUST 2023, SATURDAY, 21:54

The world’s oceans set a temperature record in the past week, with their surface hitting 20.96 degrees Celsius (69.7 Fahrenheit), European Union climate observatory data showed on Friday. Ocean surface temperature reached 20.96C on July […]

Melting Antarctic could impact oceans ‘for centuries’

oceantimes desk : 24 APRIL 2023, MONDAY, 7:54

Rapidly melting Antarctic ice threatens to dramatically slow deep-water currents in the world’s oceans, scientists say, impacting the spread of fresh water, oxygen and life-sustaining nutrients for centuries…..

Scientists save ancient Arctic ice in race to preserve climate history

oceantimes desk : 24 APRIL 2023, MONDAY, 7:51

Scientists have succeeded in saving samples of ancient Arctic ice for analysis in a race against time before it melts away due to climate change, they said this week.

Humanity has broken the water cycle: UN chief

Oceabtimes Desk : 24 MARCH 2023, FRIDAY, 16:50

The future of humanity’s “lifeblood” — water — is under threat worldwide, the UN secretary-general warned Wednesday at the opening of the global body’s first major meeting on water resources in nearly half a century….

‘Climate time bomb ticking’, emissions must urgently be cut -UN chief

ocentimes desk : 24 MARCH 2023, FRIDAY, 16:46

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned that the “climate time bomb is ticking” as he urged rich nations on Monday to slash emissions sooner after a new assessment from scientists said there was little time to lose in tackling climate change…

UN to deliver diagnosis, prescription for climate crisis

oceantimes desk : 24 MARCH 2023, FRIDAY, 16:42

The United Nations was poised to release a capstone report Monday distilling nearly a decade of published science on the impacts and trajectory of global warming, and the tools available to prevent climate catastrophe…

‘Vampiric’ water use leading to ‘imminent’ global crisis, UN warns

Oceantims Desk : 24 MARCH 2023, FRIDAY, 16:26

The report, published by UN-Water and UNESCO, warns that “scarcity is becoming endemic” due to overconsumption and pollution, while global warming will increase seasonal water shortages in both areas with abundant water as well as […]

Water is a common good not a commodity: UN Experts

Oceantimes Desk : 24 MARCH 2023, FRIDAY, 15:44

The experts urged the states to ensure that human rights and water defenders be placed at the core of the discussions during the first UN conference focusing on water in nearly five decades

France reports 910 dolphins washed up on Atlantic coast

oceantimes desk : 24 MARCH 2023, FRIDAY, 15:12

At least 910 dolphins have washed up on France’s Atlantic coast since the start of the winter, an oceanographic institute reported Friday.

Scientists Discover Intense Heatwaves Lurking at The Bottom of The Ocean

oceantimes desk : 20 MARCH 2023, MONDAY, 18:51

In 2013, a monstrous marine heatwave known as ‘The Blob’ developed off the coast of Alaska and soon stretched as far south as Mexico along the Pacific coast of North America.

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