World Oceans Day: Is There Really a Ray of Hope?

Professor Dr. Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder and Sanjana Tasfia : 8 JUNE 2023, THURSDAY, 15:10

The existing oceans take over the majority 70% of our home planet Earth. Their contribution to biodiversity and organism wellbeing is incomparable. The Ocean Institute of Canada (OIC) and…

Shining a Light on Ocean Sustainability: The 6th Anniversary of the Fight Against IUU Fishing

Dr. Md. Hadayet Ullah : 5 JUNE 2023, MONDAY, 13:52

Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing is a global problem, occurs when fishing vessels operate without a license, fail to report their catches or engage in fishing where prohibited. The adverse consequences of IUU fishing are widespread. Overfishing, a result of IUU practices, diminishes fish stocks beyond their ability to recover, thereby disturbing the fragile balance of marine ecosystems. Furthermore, IUU fishing contributes to poverty and food insecurity among fishers and their communities, as reduced fish stocks make it increasingly challenging for them to make a living. Additionally, the destructive fishing practices associated with IUU fishing, such as bottom trawling, cause irreparable damage to critical habitats like coral reefs.

Bangladesh delta: Towards securing water future

M Riaz Hamidullah : 24 MARCH 2023, FRIDAY, 16:16

This week, the world converges in New York at the second UN Conference on water. The focus on water, through a second stand-alone global conference, comes after…

What Bangladesh must do now as a global climate leader

Dr Saleemul Huq : 8 DECEMBER 2022, THURSDAY, 5:39

The recent agreement by all countries to establish a new fund for loss and damage from human-induced climate change at COP27 was a simple recognition of an unfortunate

Devastating climate impacts await coastal Bangladesh

Dr Saleemul Huq : 8 DECEMBER 2022, THURSDAY, 5:46

The World Bank recently published a thorough analysis of various adverse impacts of human-induced climate change that will hit the coastal districts…

Can Bangladesh find a way out of the energy crisis?

Oceantimes Desk : 20 NOVEMBER 2022, SUNDAY, 7:51

When the energy crisis has created a negative impact on the economy, and gas and electricity shortage has taken public suffering to the extreme, the government has failed to produce a viable energy plan for the people…

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